Exceptional service support for AMX mobile X-Ray systems

We provide unsurpassed levels of service support to AMX mobile X-Ray systems in hospitals across England and Wales. We have a very large number of systems under contract, both directly with hospital trusts and as subcontractors for major companies involved in the provision of PFI and managed services to the NHS.

Engineers equipped to resolve problems at first visit

Engineers carry 98% of all system parts with them. The other 2% of parts are kept in the UK for same day onsite delivery. So, unlike our competitors who carry less inventory to keep their costs down, our engineers can usually resolve the problem with the system on the first visit to site. This saves considerable system downtime compared with having to diagnose a problem and then wait, sometimes days, for the required parts to arrive. As many contracts on mobile x-ray systems are not fully comprehensive, our competitors' customers also have to pay for the additional labour and travel expense of a return visit. By solving problems the first time we visit the site, we save our customers' money as well as downtime.

Service and support

Our passion and determination to provide the best possible support extends across all our mobile X-Ray service operations, just as much as it applies to our Nuclear Medicine service contracts.

Our large team of engineers is very experienced and have been trained to the highest possible level.

We do not use subcontractors. Our engineers always work under our direct control so we can guarantee and maintain the unrivalled level of support which our customers receive.

The skill levels and in-depth knowledge of our engineering team means that whatever type of service contract you have with us, we will guarantee you greater system uptime.

Every spare part maintained in the UK

Our mobile X-Ray service contracts are very flexible, and can be tailored to your department's technical requirements and budget. We can tailor a service contract to exactly meet your needs: from a fully comprehensive service contract, to a contract with just one routine preventative maintenance visit each year.

We are totally committed to providing the best available level of service to mobile X-Ray customers, as we are to all our customers, and will do whatever it takes to ensure maximum system uptime.

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