Unsurpassed Quality

Industry leading levels of customer service and support

The quality of our service far exceeds that offered by any other company in this market.

  • Our unique up time guarantee, allowing our customers to scan more patients.
  • We take pride in providing the best possible support to our customers.
  • We fulfil all of our commitments.
  • We are dynamic. Our owners directly control policy and management so we can react immediately to our customer's requirements, providing support that is fully tailored to the demands of the modern healthcare market.

Industry leading levels of training and expertise

Our expert engineering team is equipped to support you. We probably employ more highly-trained Nuclear Medicine engineers and have more gamma cameras under contract than any other UK company. All our engineers are experienced Nuclear Medicine professionals with excellent engineering skills.

Together, we have extensive Nuclear Medicine experience, enabling us to provide the highest possible levels of expertise in support of our customers. To ensure continuity of support, we train our engineers on every system that we have under contract, even those systems that have been made obsolete or end of life by the manufacturer.

Fully working systems

We have own fully working imaging systems, equivalent to all those our customers have under contract, in both our UK and Belgium facilities. Because our engineers are able to use our systems for training, they are better trained than our competitors, whose field engineers only get exposure in a clinical environment. When a customer has a problem, our engineers can replicate the issue on one of our systems to advise on possible solutions. We provide all software updates for our customers. We also install software updates on our own systems, addressing any problems that may arise and informing our customers so they can make an informed decision on whether to upgrade or not.

Giving customers a choice

Traditionally, the only providers of service support for molecular imaging equipment in Europe have been the OEM. By providing customers with a choice of service provider, we have created competition within the market and it is only with competition that there are improvements in quality and reductions in cost.

Our customers are our priority

Our customers’ requirements always come first so we tailor each service and support contract around their needs. This means scheduling all of our service visits when it suits our clients, not when it suits us – as some of our competitors do.

For UK Nuclear Medicine customers, we can also perform planned preventative maintenance, emergency repairs and planned non-urgent system repairs outside of your department’s normal working hours to maximize your scanning time.

Because we have no vested interest in selling new equipment, our only priority is to ensure that every system under contract, whatever its age, is maintained in optimal condition for as long as it is in clinical use. We never make systems obsolete or class them as end of life.

Decommissioning a system should be your decision, taken when budgets permit. It should not be determined by a service provider who can no longer guarantee full support.