Unsurpassed Quality

Service for customers wanting the highest quality support

We believe that the quality of our service far exceeds that offered by any other Company in this market.

Our values:
Integrity, Professionalism,
Excellence in Customer Support

  • We take pride in providing the best possible support to our customers. The company philosophy of integrity, professionalism and excellence in customer service has positioned AGB as the leading company in Europe for medical equipment support.
  • We keep all of our commitments. Maintaining an ethical business operation is of utmost importance to us, we never make promises that we cannot keep and ensure that "we always do what we say we will".
  • We fully meet the needs of today's healthcare providers. Being a dynamic organisation with the Company owners directly controlling policy and everyday management we react immediately to our customer's requirements, providing support that is fully tailored to the demands of the modern healthcare market.

Giving customers a choice

“Competition is not only the basis of protection to the consumer, but is the incentive to progress.”
Herbert Hoover

Traditionally, the only providers of service support for medical imaging equipment in Europe have been the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) .

Our business has grown from the desire to provide customers with a choice of service provider.
Providing choice and competition in a market is the only guaranteed way to improve quality and reduce costs.

Our customers are our priority

Excellence in Imaging Equipment Support

  • We work around our Customer's requirements.
    We believe that your requirements should come first, and that your service and support contract should fit your needs.

    Quite simply, you should not need to alter how you work in order to support your medical imaging equipment. Your supplier should tailor their services around you.

    We schedule all of our service visits around your requirements rather than expecting customers to fit into our timetable.

    For UK Nuclear Medicine customers we can also provide preventative maintenance visits and non-emergency repair work outside normal working hours, providing you with maximum available scanning time
  • We have no vested interest in selling new equipment, unlike most service providers.
    Our sole priority is to ensure that every system under contract, whatever its age, is maintained in optimal condition for as long as it is in clinical use.

    We believe that the customer should decide when to decommission a system rather than this being determined by a service provider who can no longer guarantee full support.

    To ensure continuation of support we train all our engineers on every system that we have under contract, even those systems that have been installed for 10 years or more.