Greater Uptime Guarantee

We can increase the uptime of your medical imaging equipment

No matter what kind of service contract you have with us, we can achieve greater uptime for your medical imaging equipment.
This results in more scanning time, without the inconvenience or expenditure of having to purchase new systems or increase the length of your working day.

How we do it

With over 200 man years of experience working with medical imaging equipment, we have the knowledge, procedures and dedication to customer service which enables us to increase your system uptime:

  • Same day on-site response, from an experienced engineer. Every call is met with a swift response from one of our fully trained and experienced engineers.
  • We keep all spare parts in stock, for all systems we have under contract. These spare parts are kept in both our UK and Belgium warehouses, meaning they can be delivered to a site the same day that they are required. Unlike other Companies, we do not leave systems ‘down’ for a day or longer while spare parts are obtained.
  • Our engineers are trained to exceptional levels. We operate our own specialist training centre, staffed by industry-leading training professionals. Our engineers receive one of the highest levels of training in the entire industry. As a result, our support team is better equipped, and better able to resolve system problems.
  • We have an extensive in-house technical backup team, providing comprehensive support to our engineers in the field.
  • Our preventative maintenance goes further. We perform all maintenance procedures specified by the system manufacturers, but also carry out additional work to ensure maximum system uptime until the next preventative maintenance visit.
  • Out-of-hours service is available in the UK for Nuclear Medicine customers. We can carry out preventative maintenance and non-urgent system repairs outside of your department's standard working hours, to give you more time for scanning patients.

From the way we structure our service contracts to how we react when you call us, our entire ethos and customer-focussed approach ensures your system downtime will be minimised.
Providing you with more patient scanning time and, consequently, reducing patient waiting times.

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