Introducing AGB

Since AGB was founded in 1998, our successful business has grown into one of Europe’s largest independent medical imaging support Companies

The Company was founded by Faith Gorman and John Baker, who today hold the positions of Managing and Technical Directors. AGB was formed to offer a choice of service provider to Elscint gamma camera users, following the acquisition of Elscint by GE Medical.

A new era of medical imaging support

In addition to offering Elscint users a choice, we were determined to establish a totally new ethos in medical imaging equipment maintenance. Our vision was to provide an entirely new level of support, in terms of overall quality, professionalism and excellent customer service.

Our founding values of integrity, professionalism and excellent customer-focused support remain our core values today. These values have established AGB as the industry leader for excellence in service support.

Our values: integrity, professionalism, excellent customer-focussed support

Prior to the Company's foundation, we instigated an in-depth review of what the modern healthcare market required from its service providers. The review’s findings became the basis upon which we shaped and developed our Company structure and service contracts allowing us to meet the needs of today's imaging equipment users.

As our reputation for excellence grew, we succeeded in being awarded the vast majority of Elscint gamma camera contracts with in the UK.

Due to the market demand for our exceptional level of  support we started to diversify into the maintenance of other types of gamma cameras, both in the UK and across Europe.

There was a strong demand from Hospitals for us to bring our unrivaled levels of service to the support of other types of imaging equipment. The area of greatest need was the support of mobile X-Ray systems. Consequently, in 2000 we brought our unique service philosophy to the provision of maintenance contracts for AMX mobile X-Ray systems in the UK.

Continued growth

Today, we offer support and service contracts on more than 30 types of gamma camera system, and Nuclear Medicine workstations from most major manufacturers.

Founded 1998, now Europe's largest independent imaging equipment support Company

We provide support for a very large number of mobile X-Ray systems in the UK, both directly to Hospital Trusts and on a sub-contracted basis for many of the major Companies that are involved in the provision of PFI and managed services to the NHS.

In order to provide the excellent levels of support for which we are renowned, we maintain a complete stock of spare parts for every system under contract, in both our UK and Belgium warehouses. This enables us to deliver parts to customer sites on the same day they are required, without increasing system downtime by having to import parts from abroad.

We have experienced, highly-trained engineers based both in the UK and Belgium, in addition we run our own industry-leading training centre.


Today, we have a large number of systems under contract in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as in other parts of the world.

Our founding values of integrity, professionalism and excellent customer-focused support remain of paramount importance to us today, and will continue to do so in the future. These values have established AGB as the industry leader in medical imaging system support.